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Own a special Shaker chair inspired by our collection

October 28, 2016

Inspired by an original 1820's piece in the collection of the museum, this piece is a hand-measured, hand-made reproduction down to the finest details, including pinned joinery, scribed mortises, mushroom-topped front posts, and filed slats. Made from authentically stained and sealed maple and ash, and seated with a natural rush bottom, the only significant difference between this chair as shown and the original is a slightly larger seat area.

Pieces crafted in this limited edition are available as shown, or in oiled cherry or walnut, and in any of the other standard seating options that Tappan Chairs offers.

Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon members receive free shipping in the state of New York and anywhere in New England, and $200 off shipping elsewhere in the continental United States. Just leave a note at checkout on the Tappan website.

A substantial portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to the benefit of the museum. Only 20 pieces will be crafted in a limited edition production run. $1,100.

Before ordering, please review important information regarding lead time, refunds, returns, and exchanges.

  • Seat: 15 1/2"H x 18"W x 16"D
  • Overall: 44 1/2"H x 21"W x 29"D

Tappan Chairs are similar in appearance to Shaker furniture, yet they developed independently and concurrently to that movement as a secular statement of handmade, homespun craftsmanship. First made by Abraham Tappan, who in 1768 (at age five) was among the first settlers of Sandwich, New Hampshire, ladder-backed Tappan Chairs have become an iconic and treasured part of their town’s history since the first one was created in 1819.